The Transition Slayer

Introducing the brand new transition magician - the T3 - Engineered to offer the best edge control while ripping around transitions all over the mountain with its elongated sidecut, reduced edges, Trüe Camber, and new Ureshred Sidewalls for a controlled big wave surf feel.

The new T3 is a Trüe Camber, True Twin, unique mutant that loves to explore new possibilities by expanding the transitional horizon for any rider looking to get down. Equipped to the core with the technology and design you need to flow through transitions all over the mountain from the Superpipe to the snake run, with our new reduced edges for more speed, elongated Radial sidecut for edge hold, and our new Ureshred Sidewalls for added durability and dampening. The Whiplash Core Profile and Ballistic Impact Panels offer the snap and durability needed for boosting but maintain a playful flex for surfy maneuvers in the pocket. If you are looking for a brand-new snowboard that can open up unseen possibilities for your creative expression on your favorite side hit and in transition, then we would recommend you pick up the new T3!


Tvar Twin
Camber Trüe
Šířka Standard
Pružnost Park
Vykrojení Radial


Powercore II
Whiplash Core Profile
Ureshred Sidewalls
Tri-Lite LaminatesBallistic Impact Panels
Sintered Speed Formula II Base

Riding Style

All Mountain








Board Specs

Size 155 158
Waist Width 249 254
Running Length 1150 1170
Sidecut 9,1 9,1
Nose/Tail Width 287 / 287 294 / 294
Stance Range (cm) 48-60 50-62
Stance Range (in) 18.9-23.6 19.7-24.4
Rider Weight (kg) 55-75 60-80
Rider Weight (lbs) 120-165 130-175
Setback 0 0