Max Dai

Name: Max Dai  First Mountain: Wanlong Mt

How are you and How Excited about snowboarding this winter ?
I cannot wait stepping on my ripper again!! It must be so fun.

What’s Your home Mountain ?
Changbai Mt

What board Do you ride ?

What binding Do you rock ?

What boots do you wear ?

What’s your favorite place to eat at home ?
 Quanjude Roast Duck

Are you on TikTok ?
Not now

What’s your favorite trick right now?
Bs rodeo 540

What is your dream trick to learn ?
BS double 1080

How can people get in contact with you ?
My instagram nazhamax

Favorite book ?
Sherlock Holmes

What trick should everyone learn right now ?

Any words of advice ?
Having fun and enjoy white magic world

All the funny stuff.