Sven Thorgren

Name: Sven Thorgren   Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden

Where do you live now?
Sälen, Sweden

Whats your current Local Mountain?
Sälen, Sweden

What board do you ride?
BEAST 155 and SupraTeam

What bindings do you ride?
Team Pro

What boots do you ride?
Capital TLS

Can you describe yourself in one sentence?

Are you on TikTok?
Yes… Come find me.

What´s your favorite trick to watch?
just snowboarding

What´s your favorite trick to do?
All of them

If you could learn one trick right now what would it be?
a lot of them.

Do you listen to podcasts if so what´s Favorite podcast?
The Nine Club

Do you have any special advice for board set-ups?
Try different one’s and find the right one for you

What is your favorite snack to bring to the hill when snowboarding?
Chocolate, Carrots and Hummus

Where can people find out more about you or follow you?
@sventhorgren insta and tiktok

Why should people support Nitro?
Family. Supporting the snowboard community 100%. Most loyal board brand out there .