INTERVIEW: 20ème ANNIVERSAIRE de la collaboration avec EERO ETTALA

Eero Ettala fait partie de Nitro Snowboards depuis plus de 20 ans, et nous sommes très honorés et humbles qu'il ait passé la majorité, si nous osons dire, de sa carrière entière avec Nitro. Eero est l'un des snowboarders les plus influents de tous les temps, qu'il s'agisse de filmer certaines des parties et des figures les plus révolutionnaires en vidéo avec MDP, Standard Films, et des premières séries web, des parties remarquables dans Nitro Films, de produire des films de snowboard et de créer son documentaire avec Pablo Films - ENDER. Tout en faisant tout cela, Eero a été un véritable défenseur de la passion et de la joie du snowboard par sa progression et son amour sans fin pour le soutien des nouveaux riders et de la communauté du snowboard.

En témoignage de notre reconnaissance envers ce grand snowboarder et cet être humain, nous avons réédité sa toute première planche Nitro Pro Model de 2001 - en édition spéciale 20e anniversaire. Nous sommes honorés d'avoir Eero Ettala dans la famille Nitro, et nous sommes très heureux pour lui et sa femme d'avoir agrandi leur propre famille ; nous attendons avec impatience de nombreuses autres années ensemble. Pour célébrer leur nouvel enfant, nous avons créé quelques planches limitées Nitro 20th Anniversary 86cm pour lui. Maintenant ils peuvent tous rider ensemble sur la planche qui a tout déclenché.

Nous nous sommes assis avec Eero et lui avons posé quelques questions sur l'emblématique "Burger Board".

What was your inspiration for the original Pro Model Graphic - The Burger Board?
I was looking back to the graphic now it is pretty funny, actually. You get your first pro model, and you can design anything you want in the world for the board graphic, and then you end up choosing a burger. Makes zero sense. But at the time, I was 21 years old and loved the American fast food scene, especially burgers. So when the Nitro designer asked me what I liked in life and what would be a good inspiration for my first pro model graphic, I just ended up saying a burger, Haha.

What was your favorite trick you filmed on it, and what movie was it in?
It must have been the double backside rodeo 1080 up at Mt.Hood for MDP's Follow me around.

Did you ever think you would have a 20th-anniversary Release Snowboard come out?
No! It's crazy thinking that one of my boards is getting re-released when I'm still actively riding, especially repping the same company for all these years. It shows the loyalty that goes both ways!! I'm so honored for this gesture from Nitro.

How and why do you think you have been able to stay in the professional snowboard world for so long?
Purely just for the love of snowboarding and being able to work with such amazing companies. They have had my back for all these years. I've tried to stay relevant in the scene by being out there riding as much as possible and having fun on the board, and I think that people can relate and get inspired to go shred...if that 37-year-old fart is still shredding, so can we!

What is your favorite part about this snowboard? What does it mean to you?
The fact that Nitro has valued my career this much to honor it with surprise like this. It really warms my heart.

Also, do you think you will have a 40-year reissue?
Hahaha. It is totally up to you guys. That would be a sick milestone to reach. I would be 57 at the time!

Last question how and where are you starting the season?
I'm currently getting in the first jibs and turns of the season up north of Finland in Ruka! Feels so good to be back on board and especially seeing that burger graphic between my bindings.