Time To Get Creative


This season has started differently than most, but we all have the same urge to get out and go snowboarding. To help inspire people to go out and ride their backyard, local sledding hill, where ever you can hike and ride, we asked our Nitro Team if they could show and share their DIY set-ups this year. The idea is simple; keep it simple, and then you can expand. To start the #NitroDIY series off, we have made videos about Marcus Kleveland, Benny Urban, and Sven Thorgren DIY Set-ups. We will continue to add new DIY parks and content here to keep the ideas flowing. If you have a DIY set-up, please share the parks with us on Instagram using #NitroDIY or e-mail us your videos and photos to [email protected].

Browse through the videos and then head out and get creative!