NITRO & VIBRAM - One Solid Step Further

Together with Vibram, we are continually working on creating better and more durable snowboard equipment. For years we have been working together to develop the most solid foothold boots on the market. We have recently integrated the Vibram Technology into our Binding line to give you the perfect fit and gripping toe strap.

When you are out in the mountains, the streets, or just your local hill, it is a game-changer to have a solid foothold. With a solid foothold, you can focus on what you set out to do... enjoy the run down!

You can see the new Capital TLS boot equipped with Arctic Grip by Vibram®.

Our top women's boot Faint TLS comes with a sole made of Vibram® Ecostep™.

The Ultimate Interface of the Team Pro binding has been upgraded with the custom Vibram® ÜberGrip Toe Strap.