Project 1 Million Trees

Plant-for-the-Planet with Nitro Snowboards

At Nitro, we are proud to be partnering with Plant-For-The-Planet to plant over 1 Million trees. We know the impact that snowboard production has on the planet and we continue to find ways to balance this out with mother nature and we believe that the Plant-For-The-Planet foundation is a down to earth organization that is transparent and using its voice, network, and passion to help reforestation of crucial forests around the earth. You can see, track, and plant trees on their new interactive app Plant For The Planet or their websites and

We join them in their new goal of the “Trillion Tree Campaign” (as they have already planted 13,6 billion new trees in their previous Billion Tree Campaign) to help create a forest system that will capture 25% of human-made carbon emissions every year. Together with your help and our upcoming programs, you can be apart of this mission as well. Stay tuned for more updates and programs.

Thank you to the Plant-For-The-Planet organization for creating a program where Nitro can give back to the planet and the roots of snowboarding. A big thank you to all of our Nitro supporters for making our world a better place by supporting projects like this.