Griffin Siebert

Name: Griffin McCreary Siebert   Birthplace: Salt Lake City, UT   First Mountain: Park City Mountain Resort

Where do you live now?
Salt Lake City, UT

Whats your current Local Mountain?
Brighton Resort

What board do you ride?
Nitro Grif MTN and the Doppleganger

What bindings do you ride?

Can you describe yourself in one sentence?
I love snowboarding.

Are you on TikTok?

What´s your favorite trick to watch?

What´s your favorite trick to do?

If you could learn one trick right now what would it be?
Crippler (I am so scared of them)

What is your favorite book?
The Alchemist

What do you do when your not snowboarding?
Mountain Bike, Climb, Skateboard, and Paint

Do you listen to podcasts if so what´s Favorite podcast?
I have been digging Grendys and E stones new podcast called Bombhole

Best snowboarding Hack (advice) you have?
Put your skins on and transition your splitboard at the house.  No one wants to do it super early in the morning in the dark and outside in the cold. Gives you more time to drink your coffee.

Do you have any special advice for board set-ups?
Always keep that base waxed, no one wants a slow board.

What is your favorite snack to bring to the hill when snowboarding?
PB & J Roll up (Peanut butter and jelly rolled up in a tortilla, you can spice it up with some berries or banana), fits right in the pocket.

Where can people find out more about you or follow you?
@gsiebs or on my youtube account. Going to hopefully be posting some more stuff on there in the future.

Why should people support Nitro?
Because it's a snowboard company that was founded by snowboarders and ran by snowboarders.

What is your favorite thing about snowboarding?
Everything, it has taught me everything I know about life, taken me to the wildest places, hospitalized me, forged lifelong friendships, taught me an appreciation for the mountains, and so much more. I would never have it any other way.