What's In Your Quiver

Dive into the latest Nitro Quiver Series and Explore ways to make any given day on the mountain better by adding a purposely shaped snowboard to your personal quiver. Built to make great days even better!


Get hyped for park laps


Introducing the first ever 1 or 2´s tournament
Where the Nitro Team goes head to head and you the people vote! Go to our Instagram account @nitrousa to cast your vote and watch the videos live and click here to watch the progression and past videos!

This is Nitro

At Nitro, we have always done things a bit differently. Probably not as part of a grand master plan, but as a logical consequence of an organically growing company.


One Solid Step Further
Together with Vibram, we are continually working on creating better and more durable snowboard equipment. For years we have been working together to develop the most solid foothold boots on the market.

Sam Taxwood


Is your local slope closed? Don´t stress it!
Get out there and build your own snowboard park.

Scandalnavians 2

The Vikings are back! Sven Thorgren, Nils Arvidsson, and Ludvig Billtoft come through with some insane parts filled with jaw dropping tricks, beautiful locations, laughs, slams, and inspiring footage together with the rest of the Scandinavian Vikings!

R.V. There Yet?

A Snowboard adventure with no destination, no plan, just the desire to get out and snowboard. Enjoy life and live in the moment outside.

The Knut Show

The Knut Show is a podcast where we find out what people are nuts about. Knut Eliassen invites you into conversations with professional snowboarders, videographers, photographers, musicians, and artists that share a common passion for snowboarding. Dedicated to showing appreciation for those who have dedicated so much time to their passion.

What´s in your quiver?

A board series to perfect your ride, control, and feel on those specific days while making the regular days on the mountain more fun.

Let's plant together

We are planning to plant over 1 Million trees in partnership with with Plant-For-The-Planet. And we're asking you to join, spread the word or help in any way that you like and is possible for you.

The Ultimate Fit

All Nitro boots are constructed using the same principle: from the inside out. We’re wrapping your foot in comfortable first layers and build up structure and support exactly where needed, step by step towards the outside and the shell.

The Ultimate Interface

With 30 years of experience designing snowboards, boots, and bindings under one roof, we have engineered an interface to transfer a rider's input seamlessly to the board's edge - find out more about our Binding Philosophy in our latest short film - The Ultimate Interface!

Ultimate Board Diversity

Diversity has been the design creed of the Nitro snowboard line since the beginning, and there is a long list of industry firsts in board shapes from the early '90s until today.

Behind The Music with Yves Ardelt

During the Covid-19 lockdown, the Nitro family got together via Zoom and did a live concert of the song - "Come On Home" by @Yvesardelt and the Nitro Almost Pretty Good Band.

Explore Your Backyard!

This is the year when exploring the backcountry is the way to go - take a break from your everyday life and explore the local mountains together with friends.

The 1 Million Tree Goal

Nitro Snowboards is proud to announce that we have joined forces with Plant-For-The-Planet to help them reach the goal of planting 100 billion trees. Our goal is to help them by planting 1 million trees, bringing awareness to reforestation, and continuing to support mother earth.

30 Years with Nitro Snowboards

As the line and the company grew, a few things have shifted, but I’m still a product person.