Griffin Siebert

Name: Griffin McCreary Siebert   Birthplace: Salt Lake City, UT   First Mountain: Park City Mountain Resort

How are you and how excited about snowboarding this winter?

Doing good, just getting through the dog days of summer, getting really excited for some cold weather and some fresh snow around the horizon.

What´s your home mountain?

Brighton Resort

What´s your favorite place to eat at home?

Vessell Kitchen

Favorite Snowboarding Hack (advice) you have?

Put your skins on inside before you leave, no cold hands at the trailhead!

What board do you ride?

Nitro Mtn 163 and the Nitro Doppelgänger Splitboard 160

What bindings do you rock?

Nitro Team Binding

What boots do you wear?

Vans Sequels

Can you describe yourself in one sentence

Weird and nerdy

Are you on TikTok?


What´s your favorite trick right now?

Nose grabs

What is your dream trick to learn?


Favorite book?

Into the Wild

Do you have any special tricks or advice for setting up your board?

Make sure your screws are tight, and stance is comfy

What is your favorite on-hill snack to bring snowboarding?

Peanut butter and jelly roll up,(PB &J in a tortilla fits right in the pocket)

How can people get in contact with you?

Instagram, email, fax

Why should people support Nitro or ride Nitro product?

Because its a rider owned and driven company, there are not too many out there anymore! Plus the product is great

What trick should everyone learn right now?

To have fun

Any words of advice?

Don’t take your self too seriously