The Resorts Section: Kläppen, Sweden
An extra section from Nitro´s latest film LAYERS featuring an interview with Gustav Eriksson, CEO and Owner of Kläppen resort in Sweden.

The Nitro Team

This unique group of individuals embodies what Nitro is, a family from all corners of the world. We hope these snowboarders inspire and motivate you to go snowboarding and take action as much as they do us every day.


We at Nitro strongly believe that implementing small initiatives, such as eliminating plastic in our packaging, material choices, built-to-last designs, and now offsetting our climate emissions, can significantly improve our product‘s overall quality and longevity while being kinder to Mother Earth.

LAYERS is a featured film documentary dedicated to discovering and celebrating the unique people, places, personalities, and layers behind what we call snowboarding. The full movie is online now!

Cake «A Nitro Snowboards Film»

The full-length featured snowboard film by Nitro Snowboards, which is part of the LAYERS documentary project is available online now.

Team Pro X Marcus Kleveland

The Marcus Kleveland Pro Board and Pro Boots are here!

T1 x FFF

Team riders Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner, Simon Gschaider, and Nils Arvidsson reached out to their friend and artist, Fabien Fuchs x FFF, to create a new take on the legendary T1 snowboard and graphic.

The Nitro Team Series

Team board, Team Binding, and Team TLS boots have been a staple in the snowboard community for over a decade.


Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner, and Simon Gschaider went on a trip to China to be coaches at the Nitro Indoor Summer Camp Series together with the Nitro China team and kids.


Introducing the ALTERNATOR, experimentally and magically created to be better, faster, stronger, lighter and generally better than every other board on the mountain, if you looking for a Directional ATV, by Jared Elston and Griffin Siebert.

NITRO SNOWBOARDS - The Ultimate Board Diversity

For over three decades, diversity has been the design creed of the Nitro snowboard line since the beginning, and there is a long list of industry firsts in board shapes from the early '90s until today.

NITRO BINDINGS - The Ultimate Interface

Over 30 years of experience designing the complete snowboard set-up; snowboards, boots, and bindings under one roof, we have engineered an interface to transfer a rider's input seamlessly to the board for the ultimate control in any condition.

NITRO BOOTS - The Ultimate Fit

All Nitro snowboard boots are built from the inside out to achieve the ultimate fit to keep you riding longer.