Seth Huot

Name: Seth Huot   Birthplace: Bizmark, North Dakota   First Mountain: Brighton Resort Utah

How are you and how is your winter going?

I am doing great!  This winter has been one for the books and have had more mind-blowing powder days at Brighton than I can ever remember, so many rad crews coming through too!

What’s Your home Mountain? And how much snowfall this year?

Brighton Resort, Utah and today they are sitting at 763” total snowfall and 185” base..  Entire cliff bands are completely buried, it’s crazy.  I vaguely remember seeing 180” base on the board when I was a kid but haven’t seen much over 100” in a while..

What board do you ride?

I’m riding the T-1 155cm in the street or for Jibbing,  157cm Alternator for the daily driver for any and all-mountain, and 156cm Slash Split for the Granola Grif missions.  It’s the perfect quiver.. The Alternator is the perfect snowboard IMO, flex/shape is amazing. Stoked the Volcom Colab is now in the Alternator shape as well.

What binding do you ride?

I’m riding the Team, also stoked to check the Phantom

What boots do you wear?

El Mejor TLS boot,  this boot is incredible.

What’s your favorite place to eat at home?

I’d say come down from after shredding straight to Lone Star Taqueria

Are you on TikTok?

I look at it from time to time but don’t really post.. haha @escrambled

What’s your favorite trick right now?

Natty FS 360 always.

What is your dream trick to learn?

Those side flips that Arthur and Blake always do

What was the last trick you did?

FS 180 Nose butter tbh haha

What trick should everyone learn right now?

I think everyone should have or at least try a BS180 into pow.. it’s a boss move

How can people get in contact with you?

@sethhuot insta

Who’s your Favourite Snowboarder?

My kiddo Mason.. but Jason Brown has always been on the top of the list.  I would see him at Brighton when I was a kid and was in awe with his riding style, his video parts were always amazing too. His part in Dave Seoane’s 8-tracks video is one of my fav’s.

Favorite book?

In the Blink of an eye by Walter Murch.  It’s a book about video editing

Any words of advice?

I guess the best advice I can give to young snowboarders, its kind of cliche to say but… Take advantage of every opportunity, get weird and creative, don’t take anything or experience for granted.