Nitro Warranty

Our goal is to get you back snowboarding and on the snow as soon as possible!


Nitro snowboards and Nitro Snowboard Bindings have a TWO YEAR limited warranty. Nitro Snowboards warrants the original consumer purchaser of new and unused Nitro Snowboards and Nitro Bindings to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of TWO YEARS from the date of initial purchase. If a defect is suspected, return only the defective part or product to the dealer from whom it was originally purchased. If a a product is found to be defective by Nitro, at our sole discretion, Nitro´s responsibility shall be limited to repair or replace the defective product. Nitro will not be responsible for any costs, losses or damages incurred as a result of loss of use of this product. If, after inspection, the product is found not to be defective, it will be returned to the sender freight collect. This warranty is subject to the following limitations:

1)   The warranty applies only to Nitro products purchased through authorised Nitro Dealers and is only valid for the original purchaser. It is not transferable.

2)   Excluded from warranty coverage are damages caused by:

  • Anything other than defects in materials and workmanship
  • Misuse, abuse neglect
  • Normal deterioration from riding
  • Improper mounting or adjustment of bindings
  • Use of solvents or thread locking adhesives on bindings and inserts
  • Use of Non-Nitro Hardware for mounting bindings

Impact from riding on Non-Snow Surfaces such as rocks, logs, handrails, picnic tables, stairs, chairlifts, crashing into park features, etc…

3)   The Warranty coverage is void if:

  • Non-Nitro Bindings are mounted on a Nitro Snowboard
  • Any modifications or changes are made to the product
  • The product was purchased in another country. (The product must be returned to the country for warranty service)

4)   All Warranty claims must be accompanied by the purchase receipt from an authorised dealer.

Repaired or replaced products are covered for the remainder of the original warranty only, other warranties, wether express or implied, are strictly prohibited unless otherwise specified.


First please contact the authorised Nitro retailer which you purchased the Nitro product, they will be your first step in the process. If you cannot contact or visit the authorised Nitro retailer which you purchased the Nitro product that please contact us.

Warranty Step 1 - Understanding the warranty policy

Is your issue a valid warranty claim?

  • Was the product purchased within the last 24 months
  • Was the product purchased from an authorised Nitro dealer
  • Do you have the original proof of purchase (receipt), can you obtain one from the retailer?
  • Is the damage to the product due to defective materials or production?
  • Is the damage caused by impact, abuse, bad landings, negligence, bonking, chairlift impact, reactions to heat, intentional destruction, improper mounting, improper solvents, or normal wear and tear?
  • Read through our warranty guideline

Warranty Step 2

Bring the product to the store where it was purchased or use our contact form for a Return Authorisation (RA) number for more information. If you send in an e-mail please provide the following information in the e-mail:

  • Include a copy of your proof of purchase (copy of your receipt) from the retailer you purchased the product
  • Detailed description of what the issue is
  • Photos of the warranty issue area
  • Your e-mail, address, and phone number so we can contact you

Warranty Step 3

If you warranty claim is approved, after contacting the authorised Nitro retailer where you purchased the product and use our contact form, we will provide you with the shipping address for the warranty product to be returned to. Please pack and ship the following items:

  • A copy of your original proof of purchase (receipt).
  • Brief description of the problem and the RA number provided by us
  • Mark the warranty area clearly with tape or paper
  • Print the RA number clearly on the outside of the box

Customers are responsible of the shipping charges back to the Nitro Warranty department, while we will cover the return shipping costs.

When a product comes back to us, we first try to repair it. If this is not possible you product will be replaced, and the warranty product will be recycled in a way that reduces the material going to landfills. (example please check out our friends at

If the product is not covered under warranty nor repairable, it will be returned as is.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is covered under the snowboard warranty?

  • Delamination due to manufacturing defect (topsheet, base, or sidewalls)
  • Stress cracking on the top sheet, edges, core, sidewall due to manufacturing defect
  • Defects caused by the material or workmanship in production

What is not covered by the Nitro warranty policy?

Damage caused by impact, abuse, bad landings, negligence, rocks, bonking hard features, handrails, stairs, chairlift impact, reactions to heat, intentional destruction, improper mounting, improper solvents, normal wear and tear, or damages caused by anything other than defects in the material and workmanship.

What address do you need to ship the warranty product back?

We need a street address, because we cannot ship to a PO Box.

If I bought my product on E-Bay is the Nitro warranty still valid?

If you purchased your product from E-Bay or any 3rd party (non-authorized) Nitro Dealer than the warranty is not valid.

Are bindings broken by chairlifts covered under warranty?

No. Please be careful when getting on chairlifts, because some are lower than others and if they hit your highback they might break it. Be proactive in protecting your gear and fold down the rear (unstrapped) snowboard binding highback prior to getting on the lift to prevent chairlift binding breaks.

What is normal wear and tear?

Products like snowboards, bindings, boots, and outerwear that are used consistently in harsh weather such as winter and ridden all over the mountain will unfortunately not last forever, even though we try to make them last as long as possible. Products can show wear and tear after being used overtime, scratches, fading, marks, which are all a part of being used under extreme conditions and abuse from snowboarding. The more you use it, the more it will show.

Do I need to have a proof of purchase (receipt) for the warranty to be valid?

Yes, you need a receipt where the purchase date is visible. If you do not have this your Nitro product warranty is void. If you have lost your proof of purchase (receipt) please contact your point of purchase (retailer) and see if they have anything on file.

Where do I get spare parts for items that are not valid warranty claims?

Please contact your local authorised Nitro dealer and they should have available Nitro parts, and if you are located far away from the nearest authorised Nitro dealer please use our contact form or your local distribution.