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Nitro bindings are 100% CO₂ reduced and compensated

We at Nitro strongly believe that implementing small initiatives, such as eliminating plastic in our packaging, materials choices, built-to-last designs, and now offsetting our climate emissions, can significantly improve our product's overall quality and longevity while being kinder to Mother Earth.

Our partnership with Climate Partner enables us to assess our carbon footprint, identify areas for improvement, and localize our improvement efforts while being able to act instantly by offsetting 100% of the climate emissions created through our bindings life cycle through carbon offsetting projects together with Climate Partner – making the new Nitro binding collection 100% climate neutral.

Our journey began 34 years ago, and we continue with more passion and love for snowboarding and our planet. We are eager to continuously learn, improve, and focus on creating the perfect binding for ourselves and the world we live in. We are happy to share this next step with you all.

Florian Lang  
Product Manager Bindings

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