EXTRA LAYERS - The Resorts Section

Kläppen, Sweden

An extra section from Nitro´s latest film LAYERS (full film playing on redbull.tv) featuring an interview with Gustav Eriksson, CEO and Owner of Kläppen resort in Sweden. Kläppen is on of the most influential freestyle snowboard resorts in the world and the location of the Nitro team shoot featured in CAKE and LAYERS.

Kläppen is a privately owned and run snowboard and ski resort in Sweden that has been dedicated to cultivating and growing the freestyle snowboard community for many years and we wanted to showcase the man behind it all Gustav Eriksson.

Watch the full film here on Redbull.tv

Layers «The unintentional culture of snowboarding»

240 pages
Language: English
ISBN/EAN: 9783710500879
Size: 2.9 x 29.7 x 23.5 cm