Nitro Snowboards presents the new ALTERNATOR SNOWBOARD.

Introducing the new Alternator Snowboard, created by and the brainchild of our favorite All-Mountain snowboarders, Jared Elston and Griffin Siebert. The Alternator is a powerhouse that converts human energy into snowboard performance energy while creating a magnetic energy that increases style. An alternator is lighter and more powerful than the counterparts out there.

Jared Elston needs a board stable and poppy enough for big backcountry tricks regular and switch. In contrast, Griffin needs a board that turns like a dream and floats like a boat without riding like a stiff door. So together with board maker and Nitro Co-Founder Tommy Delago, they put all the tools together and created what has become the team and communities favorite all-mountain snowboard.

Change your style this season, and check out the Alternator at your favorite snowboard shop!