Ludvig Billtoft

Name: Ludvig Billtoft   Birthplace: Stockholm   First Mountain: Väsjöbacken

How are you and how excited about snowboarding this winter?

I'm good :) Been skating and working this whole summer, defiantly feeling ready for winter! 

What´s your home mountain?

Don't really have one, but been spending a lot of time in Laax the past seasons :) 

What´s your favorite place to eat at home?

I mostly cook my own food 

Favorite Snowboarding Hack (advice) you have?

Ride with friends 

What board do you ride?

Team Pro 162 

What bindings do you rock?

Team Pro

What boots do you wear?

Capital TLS

Can you describe yourself in one sentence


What´s your favorite trick right now?

Fs 7

What is your dream trick to learn?

Chicane, and so much more

What is your favorite on-hill snack to bring snowboarding?

Any food

How can people get in contact with you?

@LudvigBilltoft hit me up :) 

Why should people support Nitro or ride Nitro product?

Because they actually care about snowboarding

What trick should everyone learn right now?

Have fun

Any words of advice?

Stay positive and don't give up