Nils Arvidsson

Name: Nils Arvidsson   Birthplace: Järvsö   First Mountain: Järvsö

How are you and how excited about snowboarding this winter?

I’m goood, haven’t been thinking much about snowboarding this summer but now I’m starting to get real excited! 

What´s your home mountain?


What´s your favorite place to eat at home?

Järvsö lanthandeln

Favorite Snowboarding Hack (advice) you have?

Have fun, open your mind and look for inspiration around you, in the movies or wherever you find it.

What board do you ride?

Nitro Cheap thrills and Nitro T1

What bindings do you rock?

Nitro team and Nitro rambler

What boots do you wear?

Vans infuse, Vans Invado

Can you describe yourself in one sentence?

I’m just like you but different 

Are you on TikTok?


What´s your favorite trick right now?

Fs blunt 270

What is your dream trick to learn?

Hmm, maybe a variation of a chicane that I have in my head.

Favorite book?

Not sure about favorite but have read lots of fun weird stuff by Hunter Thompson

Do you have any special tricks or advice for setting up your board?

A couple of years ago I started riding my bindings + and + which I kept on doing. I’d suggest to try mixing it up and maybe you find something new and fun

What is your favorite on-hill snack to bring snowboarding?

Candy, trail mix or a good sandwich!

How can people get in contact with you?

Instagram: nilsarvidsson or call me 0046768354578

Why should people support Nitro or ride Nitro product?

Cause it’s the best, rider driven, great values and great products.

What trick should everyone learn right now?

Bs 180s 

Any words of advice?

Life has its ups and downs, don’t take everything so serious and try to smile and do good.