Tom Tramnitz

Name: Tom Tramnitz  Birthplace: Tyrol / Schwaz, Austria   First Mountain: Penken

Where do you live now?


Whats your current Local Mountain?

Hintertux / Penken

What board do you ride?

Nitro Beast / Team / Alternator

What bindings do you ride?

Nitro Phantom

What boots do you ride?


Can you describe yourself in one sentence?

Hang loose

Are you on TikTok?


What´s your favorite trick to watch?


What´s your favorite trick to do?


If you could learn one trick right now what would it be?

Proper switch method

What is your favorite book?

Shaolin - you don't have to fight to win

What do you do when you’re not snowboarding?

Skateboarding or surfing

Do you listen to podcasts if so what´s Favorite podcast?

The Bomb Hole

Best snowboarding Hack (advice) you have?

Just run to the hills and have fun with your friends

Do you have any special advice for board set-ups?

I‘m keeping the same stance on every board

What is your favorite snack to bring to the hill when snowboarding?

Clif Bar

Where can people find out more about you or follow you?

Instagram, @tom_tramnitz

Why should people support Nitro?

Cause it’s from snowboarders for snowboardes, real core brand

What is your favorite thing about snowboarding?

Just having fun and forget about everything else :)