Yanneck Konda

Yanneck is one of the most passionate snowboarders we have ever ridden with - his passion for having fun on his board is what makes him the best person to go our riding with. Coming from the same area as Elias Elhardt in Bavaria, Germany - Yanneck has been sending in and out of the parks in the Alps for years... See his footage and passion in our new Nitro film.

How are you and how excited about snowboarding this winter?

I’m doing pretty good…Enjoying the surf in Spain. I’m really hyped on the preseason shred with the homies! Hopefully the ski resorts in Germany are open this… Can’t wait to cruise my home resorts again! 

What´s your home mountain?

Most of the time I’m riding in Austria/ Switzerland. But My favorite Mountain in Allgäu is „Nebelhorn“. This spot is perfect for pow and side hits, but when it comes to park riding I prefer the Snowpark Nesselwang and Crystal Ground. 

What´s your favorite place to eat at home?

„Alt Staufener Einkehr“ they have the best Schnitzel in Bavaria!  

Favorite Snowboarding Hack (advice) you have?

Snacks in the BIB for the chairlift. For some extra boost! 

What board do you ride?

T1/ DropOut

What bindings do you rock?

Team Bindings

What boots do you wear?

El Mejor 

Can you describe yourself in one sentence?

Hyped and always on the run. 

Are you on TikTok?


What´s your favorite trick right now?

Method Grab / Switch bs One

What is your dream trick to learn?

Big Switch Method  

Favorite book?

Pleasure Mag 

Do you have any special tricks or advice for setting up your board?

Not really… Just put the bindings on your board and if it feels good to ride, you did a good job ;)

What is your favorite on-hill snack to bring snowboarding?

Piccoballa !!

How can people get in contact with you?

Instagram: @yanneckkonda, in the Park ;) 

Why should people support Nitro or ride Nitro product?

Because Nitro stands for the GoodTimes you have with your friends on the Mountain, whether it is Park, Pow or Slush. 

What trick should everyone learn right now?

Proper Method Grab! 

Any words of advice?

Keep on snowboarding !