La fijación definitiva

Con 30 años de experiencia en el diseño de tablas de snowboard, botas y fijaciones bajo un mismo techo, nuestra fijación está diseñada para transferir sin problemas la entrada de los riders hacia el borde de las tablas. La forma de nuestros highbacks está desarrollada para que coincida perfectamente con el contorno de nuestras botas, el diseño de los straps superiores y el soporte coinciden con la flexión de las botas y la correa de la puntera vibram se envuelve alrededor de las botas como ninguna otra. Para mantener una conducción y una respuesta naturales de la tabla sin que la unión cause un punto muerto en el área de montaje, creemos en la huella reducida de nuestros mini discos en comparación con los sistemas de montaje estándar.

En general, una función de las fijaciones es brindar el máximo control y una respuesta instantánea, absorber los impactos y eliminar las vibraciones, como el castañeteo del talón, para una conducción suave. Cada modelo de nuestra línea se construye alrededor de un snowboarder y un estilo de conducción en mente, lo que lleva a diferentes formas y patrones de flexión de highbacks o straps superiores, mientras que todos nuestros productos comparten la misma demanda de alta calidad y durabilidad.

Overall, a bindings task is to deliver maximum control and instant response, absorb impacts and eliminate vibrations such as heel chatter for a smooth ride. Every model in our line is build around a rider and riding style in mind, leading to different shapes and flex patterns of highbacks or ankle straps while all our products share the same demand for high quality and durability.


A Bindings #1 job within the system of Board-Boot-Body is to transfer a riders impuls and make the board follow your mind. It requires an interface Nitro established the 3-piece-baseplase design with a size adjustable heelcup. Fine-tune your bindings size, gaspedal and strap position, highbacks angle and rotation to customize the fit between your boot and binding interface for a seamless transmission with no lack of response. To accelerate a bindings response, Highbacks and baseplates are made of lightweight carbon fibers from ‘TORAY’ ™ and engineered polymers from DUPONT®, 7000series  aluminum heelcups and forged buckle levers. Nitro invented steel cable reinforced ratchet straps and connectors for extra strength and zero stretch to make any input instant.  The mini disk reduces a bindings foot print on the board and its dead-spot in a boards flex pattern.

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Nitro progressed Air technology to become the lightest suspension tech in bindings. Compared to cheap foams and gels, Air maintains its compression capabilities over a wide range of temperatures. Most materials become rock solid at below Zero temps, while air keeps stable and performs reliably on cold, hard pack days or during sunny spring sessions. Airbags provide up to 30% more travel than foams or gels, leading to significantly lower impact forces on the human body. The air pressure within the system is set to match a riders profile, with lower settings for fun cruises and more progressive on bindings for park and contest riders.

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Nothing beats the comfort of a well-fitted snowboard boot. Our binding extend the level of comfort by perfectly matching the chassis to the shape and flex of your snowboard boot. From the size adjustable heelcup and gaspedal to the shape and flex of our straps and asym highbacks, you will benefit from one of the most customizable bindings on the market. Enjoy the luxury of hand made, ultra cush ankle straps, 3° canted foot beds for an ergonomic, relaxed position on your board or 3D curved ratchet straps for the most natural buckle engagement.

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The durability of Nitro bindings start with the selection of high-performance materials designed for impacts at cold temperatures, 7000 series aluminum heelcups and cable reinforced ratchet straps and connectors for extra strength. All parts go thru an elaborate series of rigorous lab tests according to international standards from ISO and ASTM, while our team of pro-riders is taking our gear to the test on snow, somewhere on this planet, 365 days a year. Tested - Proven & Recommended by the NITRO team.

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