Nitro's goal is to continue to be and do better.

Sustainability is defined as the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.

We at Nitro care about our business's environmental impact, social responsibility, and the global snowboarding community. We focus on quality to extend a product's lifespan. We do not excessively overproduce products, only what is on demand. We consider and choose the most sustainable strategy for lower energy and carbon emissions when shipping product around the globe. We source alternative and sustainable materials to substitute those based on fossil fuels and higher carbon emissions.

People are what make Nitro, and we believe that every person in the company, its supply chain, and distribution should be respected and treated fairly. Therefore, together with all of our partners, we bring our core values to the table first and work with factories on equal rights, fair pay, and opportunities for everyone participating in supplying you with a valuable product.

We believe sustainability goes beyond the product level, it encompasses everything, and for us, social responsibility is not just a point on the corporate checklist. Nitro has been sustainable for over 32 years, and we will keep pushing to be a reliable partner, from supplier to employee to customer. So expect great things from us with an even greater focus on keeping the community alive.

Social Engagement

Our de-centralized company structure doesn‘t force our employees to make long (car) commutes. Instead, many colleagues walk to the office, take a bike, or work from home. Nitro has been cultivating this approach since 1990.

We believe that one of the core reasons Nitro has been around for 32 years is that we treat everyone in the supply chain with respect and by bringing our core values to all our business partners. We make sure all of our production partners are aware of our core values. This means that our factory workers must work in a safe and healthy work environment, receive fair labor compensation, and be treated with respect. It is important to us that everyone involved in producing our finished products work in a safe and fair labor environment.

At our board factory, we are erecting a completely new dormitory for our workers with more privacy, a new kitchen, and other amenities. In addition, we are organizing multi-day company trips with all workers, all expenses paid.


100% Carbon Neutral Snowboards

Together with ClimatePartner, we have been able to investigate the emissions created from our snowboard's full lifecycle. Now we are equipped to work towards reducing our products carbon emission and invest into impactful carbon offset projectsoffsetting 100% of our snowboards emissions - making the 2021 Nitro Snowboards officially Carbon Neutral.


For the calculation, the “cradle-to-customer plus waste” approach was used, meaning that the life cycle phases included are the extraction of raw materials and packaging, relevant logistics, manufacturing, delivery to the customer, and the disposal of the product and its packaging.


Carbon emissions per product unit compared to everyday activities.


By supporting internationally recognized carbon offset projects, the generated emissions can be offset and the product can be graded as climate neutral.

Certified Efforts


Together with ClimatePartner we are able to use specific and accurate tools and information to measure our carbon footprint in life cycle from production to end life of our snowboards. Our partnership with ClimatePartner allows us to strive to find more effecient ways to improve and reduce our carbon footprint every step of our products lifecycle, and also allows us to offset our current carbon footprint to make our snowboards 100% Carbon Neutral by investing into climate change projects and solutions. Reducing, rethinking, and compensating for CO2 emissions is just the start.


The wood used in every snowboard is what makes a snowboard a snowboard, the organic flex is something unique and special. We feel it is important that we and everyone else respects the forests and the wood that is being used for the future of snowboard development, but more importantly the future of the planet and our Forests.

Ressource Saving Materials and Production

We are using water-based inks for over 70% of our board top-sheets and over 30% of our bases. 15% of our bases use no ink.

70% of our boards have topsheets that are either uncoated or finished using a solvent-free lacquer with a Volatile Organic Compound rating of VOC:0.

Over 85% of our running bases are made using recycled raw material. Our board edges are made of 50% recycled steel.

We have installed a 700 KW solar power station on our board factory's roof, enough energy to power the factory, offices, and apartments of our factory staff. This solar power project was a goal we set 2 years ago and we are proud to say we have now reached it.

We are heating our presses with water, not with oil or electricity. Our grinding system uses a closed water circuit with integrated filtering systems. This saves energy and resources.

We have started using thinner topsheets than most other Brands, saving raw materials and weight.

Nitro Bindings are 100% CO₂ reduced and compensated

We at Nitro strongly believe that implementing small initiatives, such as eliminating plastic in our packaging, material choices, built-to-last designs, and now offsetting our climate emissions, can significantly improve our product‘s overall quality and longevity while being kinder to Mother Earth. Our partnership with Climate Partner enables us to assess our carbon footprint, identify areas for improvement and localize our improvement efforts while being able to act instantly by offsetting 100% of the climate emissions created through our bindings life cycle.

Bindings (continued)

Minimal Waste

  • We use 20% recycled material in our plastic parts.
  • All plastic parts are injection molded, a zero-waste process.
  • We banned any plastic packaging and use only recycled cardboard to protect our products. ink to print our binding boxes has been reduced by 95% compared to past years.


Minor Phthalate

Our boots are mostly made of PVC free materials and the glue is benzene free.

Recycled Rubber

We are using recycled rubber for our outsoles wherever technically possible.


We believe in fair work environments for all and try to use as many environmentally friendly procedures and alternatives as possible. In addition, we work with factories that provide safe and fair labor standards to their employees to produce our finished products.

We know that producing outerwear and clothing is not the most environmentally friendly process, so we focus on making premium products that will last longer and produce responsible amounts to reduce overstock. We use our leftover fabrics by creating a “leftover collection” at the end of each production cycle to maximize the use of raw materials. In addition, we have recently relocated so that all of our raw materials are closer to the finished product factory to minimize unnecessary shipping distances and the negative impacts associated. Our mission is to continue working with the entire supply, production, and retail chain to raise the bar on environmental sustainability standards.