Hunter Goulet

Name: Hunter Goulet   Birthplace: Salt Lake City but I grew up in Park City

Where do you live now?

Salt Lake City

Whats your current Local Mountain?

Brighton and Woodward

What board do you ride?

Alternator 157 and 160, team pro 159

What bindings do you ride?


What boots do you ride?

Venture Pro

Can you describe yourself in one sentence?

Not really

Are you on TikTok?

I tend to scroll through it time to time.

What´s your favorite trick to watch?

Tricks that compliment the spot

What´s your favorite trick to do?

I do way too many back 3’s, I need to chill on that one lol.

If you could learn one trick right now what would it be?

Back rodeo 9 would be epic

What is your favorite book?

garage snow mag

What do you do when you’re not snowboarding?

I like to do things outside with my friends.

Do you listen to podcasts if so what´s Favorite podcast?

The Bomb Hole and Airtime podcast are a good listen.

Best snowboarding Hack (advice) you have?

Lean back and enjoy the ride

Do you have any special advice for board set-ups?

I set up every board with more nose than tail.

What is your favorite snack to bring to the hill when snowboarding?

Trail mix

Where can people find out more about you or follow you?

My Instagram is @huntergoulet

Why should people support Nitro?

Ran by snowboarders who care about not taking stuff too serious and having a good time with your friends!

What is your favorite thing about snowboarding?

The memories it has given me and the people I’ve met, I’m forever grateful.